The success of brand popularization strongly depends on the content marketing strategy that the business has established. Today, there are thousands of different content types that can be all applied together to create a powerful campaign that truly connects with the target audience.

The following  are some of the best ads from 2016 and an example of how storytelling can create a personalized experience for the audience and make an impact.

#1: Tell Your Parents They Are #doingood This Christmas

Company: Minute Maid

This Christmas, Minute Maid is on a mission to inspire a movement that supports and appreciates parents all around the world. The Christmas ad of the popular juice brand takes the concept of gratitude and develops it into a heart-warming ad campaign that celebrates parenting. The “Nothing To Sell” store, featured in the video, welcomes children of all age and provides a safe place for them to explore their love and gratefulness towards their parents. Minute Maid encourages young people to skip the formalities of buying a present and instead offer something of a much greater value – a thank you letter.

The motto of the brand “Put in good. Get good out.” perfectly matches the product’s identity as an organic source of happiness, love, and inspiration. The Christmas ad campaign expands on the brand motto by offering a new angle on carrying out the message.

Along with the video ad, the Christmas content marketing campaign of Minute Maid includes a landing page design and an online letter maker. Visitors can create their own thank you letter by using a premade text with customization options for keywords, fonts, and template design. Once the letter is done, users can either download it or share it on their social media feed as a sweet reminder to everyone else who forgot to let their parents know they’re #doingood.

#2: Turn Blind Dates Into a Family Activity With Tinder

Company: Tinder

You wouldn’t usually expect a dating app to become the next big thing in the TV app world, but Tinder once again managed to amaze us with its creative marketing campaigns.

Blind dates in the 21 century are so much more than sharing a nice brunch and hot cup of coffee at the local cafeteria.

Just a couple of years ago, the fast-paced digital era was in a high demand of a swift, effortless way to meet new people and Tinder was the first to meet these needs with its notorious mobile app. Today, Tinder has released a new version of its app targeted entirely at the Apple TV users.

Watching television has always been considered to be a family bonding time. Now Tinder gets out of the private space and becomes a shared activity. With the Tinder app on Apple TV, friends and relatives can freely browse together and discuss possible date matches while spending some quality time together. The Tinder Apple TV ad campaign ( currently in progress ) to date contains seventeen 30-second videos which explore Tinder on Apple TV in various comical situations. Tinder embraces the concept of awkwardness and turns the browsing experience into an entertaining and anticipated activity for friends and family members of all ages.

#3: #BePresent and Connect With Your Loved Ones During The Holidays

Company: Huawei Mobile Poland

One of the main goals of advertising is to translate certain values into brand identity features. Video ads are produced in a way that created a memorable experience for the viewers, one that helps them connect with the brand on an emotional level and, in the meantime, highlights the benefits of a targeted product.

The majority of the holiday video ads revolve around a specific concept that seems to be completely focused on sentimental values while the company product takes the sidekick role in the scenario, like the upper mentioned ad of Minute Maid. What makes Huawei’s Christmas ad stand out from the rest is the unexpected plot twist. The story takes a look at a modern family where the parents and older daughter enjoy staying connected with the world in a magical way.

With no phone to play with, the little boy seems to stay isolated from his family. What the viewer would expect is a shameless pitch of technology’s benefits to young children. Yet, Huawei takes a huge leap in building a relatable and truly emotionally evoking experience by ditching product advertisement in favor of sharing a much more meaningful message with its audience. Huawei emphasizes the importance of true connection and encourages people to #BePresent during the holidays and put their phones aside.

#4: Experience The Old Spice Legendary Protection for Legendary Men

Company: Old Spice

The video ads of Old Spice embrace and celebrate out-of-the-box thinking. The sheer brilliance of rebranding a traditional grooming product to match the values of the contemporary customer is always apparent in the ad campaigns of the popular brand.

The company’s latest ad, named Rocket Car, is yet another example of the importance of creating a memorable experience for the viewers. The ads of Old Spice are flashy, constantly shifting and a bit confusing at times. Even though it sounds like the worst recipe for a good ad, the only quality they fail to fulfill is being boring.

The ad invites viewers on an inspiring journey that tells a heartfelt story about dreams, creativity, and success. The story takes an unexpected turn when the rocket car bursts into flames along with the pilot who seconds later appears on screen with a look of fascination. The ad message, “Legendary Protection for Legendary Men” successfully explains the pilot’s miraculous survival and turns Old Spice into the main hero in the story.

#5: A Priest and Imam Meet For a Cup of Tea

Company: Amazon

Amazon’s latest ad takes a huge step in building a personable and memorable brand identity. The storytelling in the ad entangles physical and spiritual health into a single concept that provokes and inspires the viewer.

The unusual meeting of the local Imam and Priest instantly grabs the viewer’s attention. Instead of dividing the company’s target markets by demographics and religion, the ad unites them into a single entity that shares the same values and needs. Amazon’s ad is a true example of the power of globalization and the benefits of building an international target market.

Even though the ad uses no voices at all and doesn’t display a written message at the end, it is a silent invocation to establish stronger connections between sellers and customers all around the world no matter the differences in location and cultural identity. This video ad shows the advantages of emotional marketing and sets a powerful example of how globalization in content marketing can help companies build stronger brand identities.

Can you incorporate some of these ideas into your own content?

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